Due to the turn of events posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, our 2020 Summer Intensive will not be happening as planned in Waterbury, Connecticut. However, we are offering an online Vaganova Method Summer Seminar and an in-person intensive for a selected few participants!

In lieu of the 2020 Summer Intensive in Waterbury, Connecticut, we will be opening up our exclusive Elite Training Program to participants who wish to observe and benefit from our detailed training in the Russian Vaganova ballet method! Through our Vaganova Method Summer Seminar, you will have the chance to look inside our special training by joining us either online or in-person in Florida*. Accepted students to our in-person intensive will experience a transformative 2 weeks of classical Russian Vaganova ballet training.

*Following the recommended guidelines for public safety, only a limited number of participants will be allowed to join the program in-person.

Whether you are a ballet dancer looking to truly understand what constitutes good Russian ballet technique, or a driven ballet teacher looking to perfect your teaching methods, our online seminar is open to everyone who wishes to grow, discover, and get inspired! This is a special opportunity to discover the essentials of the Vaganova technique and its progression from the most basic to the most advanced levels.

The program will include detailed explorations of the Vaganova technique through our Elite Training ballet classes; conditioning exercises preferred by dancers of the Mariinsky Theatre and Vaganova Ballet Academy; interactive discussions of technique and other ballet-related questions; and analysis of the technical and artistic essentials of selected variations and repertoire. These will all occur online through Zoom, and we will do our best to ensure optimal participant experience.

Quick Facts:

Dates: August 3 – 14, 2020

Location: Online through Zoom or In-Person*

*For those who are able to travel to our studios in Florida, we are offering an in-person intensive to a limited number of students!

Curriculum: Classes are taught through Zoom and will offer the opportunity to observe and learn from:

Ballet technique| Pointe| Repertoire| Variations| Conditioning| Interactive Discussions|

Tuition: Accepted students for the program can choose from the following tuition options:

Full 2-week online program: $500

Full 2-week in-person program: $1100

Single-week online tuition: $300

Single week in-person program: $650

We ask accepted students to please secure your enrollment by submitting tuition in full by July 21, 2020. To submit payments, please navigate to our payment site here.


Our online Vaganova Method Summer Seminar is open to all students and teachers who complete the registration form and submit tuition. To be considered for the limited in-person program, we ask that you submit a video audition following the guidelines on our website. If you are unable to access ballet studios during this time, old performance and/or audition videos can be submitted. If absolutely no video audition material is available due to the circumstances of this time, we will allow exceptions to be made by submitting photos in the following poses:

For girls:

  • First position en pointe
  • First arabesque en pointe
  • Développé a la seconde

For boys:

  • Battement tendu a la seconde
  • First arabesque

Please note that all students applying for the In-person and Online program must first complete the Registration Form.

Teacher Training will also be available online through this 2020 Vaganova Method Summer Seminar. If you wish to be considered for the Teacher Training program, please send in a Registration Form (print form, complete, and scan or photograph) to ekaterinaowf@gmail.com along with your resume.

To submit your video audition, please navigate to this page here.



OWDF Founder, former soloist of Mariinsky Theatre and American Ballet Theatre, graduate of Vaganova Ballet Academy

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Ekaterina Shchelkanova (Chtchelkanova) received her dance training at the Vaganova Ballet Academy. Upon graduation, she joined the Kirov Ballet (now the Mariinsky Theatre) as a soloist, where she danced a variety of leading roles in major classical ballets. Ms. Shchelkanova joined American Ballet Theatre in 1995, and as a soloist with the Company, she excelled in a variety of soloist and principal roles.

Ms. Shchelkanova’s versatility, strong classical training and technical skill in classical and contemporary dance allowed her to work closely with legendary Twyla TharpSallie WilsonJohn NeumeierFrederik Franklin, and Mark Morris. Her amazing training and pure classical line were noticed by such masters as Gelsey KirklandNatalia Makarova, and Mikhail Baryshnikov.

In January 2006, Ekaterina accepted a position of Artistic Director at the Berlin International Dance Festival. As a guest, Ekaterina taught classes at the National Ballet of Canada and ABT’s JKO School. She joined the Royal Winnipeg Ballet as ballet mistress and since September 2007, held the same position at Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal until she founded Open World Dance Foundation.


OWDF Founder, former dancer of Mariinsky Theatre, graduate of Vaganova Ballet Academy

At the age of 10, Mr. Boytsov was accepted to Vaganova Academy of St. Petersburg, Russia. After graduating from Vaganova Academy, Mr. Boytsov was invited to join Kirov Ballet (now Mariinsky Theatre), where his great partnering skills allowed stage partnerships with such stars like Uliana Lopatkina, Svetlana Zakharova, Yulia MakhalinaAltinai Asilmuratova, Olga Chenchikova, and many others.

OWDF Founder Anton Boytsov partnering with Ulyana Lopatkina.

In 2011, Mr. Boytsov organized and helped to host JKO School of American Ballet Theatre first teacher’s training course in St. Petersburg, Russia.
This international event opened doors to teachers and ballet students of America and Russia to fruitful collaborations through projects connecting the ballet communities of America, Russia, and other countries. In 2013-14, Mr. Boytsov worked with Ballet Theatre Houston and Robert Underwood’s Studio of Dance. Currently, Mr. Boytsov enjoys sharing his professional skills and love for dance through Open World Dance Foundation as a founder and Vice-President.

For a more detailed biography on our founders, please click here.