Our annual Teacher Training Program will be held online this year as part of our Vaganova Method Summer Seminar! For the first time, we are opening up our exclusive Elite Training Program for those who wish to observe and reap from our unique and detailed training in the Russian Vaganova ballet method. Open to both teachers and students, our Vaganova Method Summer Seminar will provide the unique opportunity to discover the essentials of the Vaganova technique and study its progression from the most basic to the most advanced levels.

From August 3rd-14th2020 our Vaganova Method Summer Seminar will include detailed explorations of the Vaganova technique through our Elite Training ballet classes; conditioning exercises preferred by dancers of the Mariinsky Theatre and Vaganova Ballet Academy; interactive discussions of technique and other ballet-related questions; and analysis of the technical and artistic essentials of selected variations and repertoire. Classes will be held online through Zoom, and we will do our best to ensure optimal participant experience. Our directors Ekaterina Shchelkanova and Anton Boytsov, both distinguished graduates of the Vaganova Ballet Academy, are dedicated to providing a deep and comprehensive understanding of the Vaganova methodology for all students and teachers.

To register, please complete the Registration Form (email a scan or photograph of the completed form) and submit tuition for either one or two weeks by July 21, 2020. Please send your completed application form to ekaterinaowf@gmail.com along with your resume.


There are the following tuition options for our Vaganova Method Summer Seminar:

FULL 2-week program: $500

Single-week tuition: $300

Tuition submissions can be made here: PAYMENT SITE

Our unique approach described by past participants

“Your intensive gives the feeling that you are in the cradle of dance.”

– Participant of Teacher Training Program

We asked our participants to describe their experiences with our program:

” I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the OWDF Teacher Training Program in July 2016, and fell in love with the program and with the teachers, all who shared their incomparable knowledge with absolute devotion and passion. One year later, I had the privilege of inviting Ekaterina and Anton to Costa Rica to work with my students. Watching them teach is without doubt the BEST experience ever! 

Today, finding a credible teacher to pass on the Vaganova style is a challenge. Teachers at OWDF offer systematic analyses on the study of each movement, and their individual approach makes it possible to get REAL answers to our questions! I admire OWDF for bringing us close to Vaganova’s impeccable training standards. Learning from them is an honor for anyone who respects Vaganova’s centuries of tradition and the importance to preserve its place in the culture of the world. ” 

– Maria Jiménez, San José, Costa Rica

I had a fabulous experience! St. Petersburg was new to me, but I felt immediately at home. Ballet was the link. The hours in the dance studio, watching and relearning the beautiful syllabus that Vaganova created made me love, all over again, the great Russian dancers of the past. Vaganova synthesized and amalgamated all the prevailing styles of her time into a harmonious blend. What genius! Thank you Ekaterina and Anton for bringing her alive! Now, back home, I am bringing that spirit into the studio and sharing it with the next generation.

– Elizabeth Fisk, participant of our 2019 Teacher Training program in St. Petersburg, Russia

“I’ve taken the … courses that [another major program] provides in NY, during three consecutive summers… it’s very interesting, but very different from what you did. I loved them both, but your intensive is like having the feeling you are in the cradle of dance. We can observe the artistry, the philosophy. Having Kolpakova is a plus. And Safronova… directly from Agrippina!! And Elena, And Semenov . . . [The other program] is strictly technical, very useful for learning to create combinations, but lacks the artistic insight you show… Your program is more complete.” 

– Teacher from Argentina

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