On our Elite Training Program:

“Through every experience, I have learned an invaluable amount as the foundation has the knowledge that I have yearned for and what they work so hard to pass on and continue is such a treasure…with the work I received through the Elite Training and Summer Intensives with the Open World Dance Foundation, my unattainable dream finally became within reach. I am now dancing professionally in St. Petersburg, Russia, performing in the many beautiful theatres of the city and as well as traveling the world with the company. It has been a dream that I would never have gotten to without the training, guidance, support, and inspiration of the foundation and the programs they provide…”

– Katia Raj, Elite Training student, member of Jacobson Ballet in St. Petersburg, Russia

” When Claire attended her first Open World Dance Foundation audition in 2015, we knew she had found what she was looking for. Finally, teachers who not only trained at the Vaganova Academy and went on to dance professionally at the Mariinsky and ABT, but teachers who know how to teach what they know.”

– Parents of Claire M., Elite Training student

” I have been searching for so long for what OWDF offers, and the Elite Training Program has been incredibly personalized, authentic, and rewarding. To be able to study the purest form of classical ballet technique, and also learn why everything is done the way it is, is truly special. The training provides a window into the true meaning and intentions of classical ballet, allowing each student to advance remarkably, but not only as classical dancers, as people as well.”

– Juliette J., Elite Training student

” From day one of the intensive I knew I had finally found the place I had been searching for and, by day two all I knew was that I didn’t want it to ever end.”

– Megan S., Elite Training student

On our Summer Intensives:

Dear Ekaterina and Anton, 

In 2017 I wanted to pursue ballet in New York but it was impossible finding a comprehensive, quality program that would accept an adult with no previous ballet dance experience. I was surprised when Ekaterina responded to my query, encouraging me to apply and I was subsequently able to join the summer intensive program. It was a very challenging but kind and transformative program, I made many mistakes and got every step wrong, and yet what I encountered was love, constructive advice and acceptance that prepared me for overcoming challenging moments while working on set. It gave me the opportunity to be part of a professional environment as a complete beginner in my late 20s and shaped my view of the possibility of dance being part of my future. 

In 2019, I was chosen to dance in Amazon Prime’s ‘Hunters’ alongside my favorite actor, Al Pacino. The character shoes were very slippery and I was very nervous but having danced with professional dancers and nurturing guidance in OWDF gave me the confidence to believe in myself and do it. 

I am fortunate to be one of the many students whose lives you’ve touched and happy that you will continue to push the boundaries to inspire and nurture people for many years to come. 

Thanks again and much love, 

Gladimar Villamil