To be considered for our 2020 In-Person Summer Intensive, we ask that you submit a video audition following the guidelines below. If you are unable to access ballet studios during this time, old performance and/or audition videos can be submitted. If absolutely no video audition material is available due to the circumstances of this time, we will allow exceptions to be made by submitting photos in the following poses:

For girls:

  • First position en pointe
  • First arabesque en pointe
  • Développé a la seconde

For boys:

  • Battement tendu a la seconde
  • First arabesque

Please note that all students auditioning must first complete an Audition Form and submit it with your audition material. Please note that a very limited number of people will be accepted to our in-person intensive.

The deadline to submit all audition material is July 7, 2020.

Video Audition Guidelines

We welcome dancers as young as 11 years old to professional dancers to train, grow, and learn with us. Please follow these steps to submit your video audition:

  1. Print, complete, and scan or photograph the Audition Form by clicking here.
  2. Create a 10-15 minute video including the following:
  • The applicant stating his/her name, age, and reason for pursuing ballet training;
  • Short combinations at the barre, on one side only, of the following: Plié, battement tendu, rond de jambe par terre, grand battements;
  • Center work: Adagio, petite and grand allegro, turns.

Finally, please send your Audition Form and video link to Those who submit a video audition can expect to hear the results of their audition within two weeks.